Sharing and Interviewing Session of Halvec Laboratories by Bahagian Hab Halal, JAKIM at 8th Halal Certificate Bodies Convention 2017, 4 April 2017

CEO of Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd (Halvec), Encik Nor Amin Mohd Noor was honored to be interviewed by Bahagian Hab Halal JAKIM to share company background and the functions of Halvec to Halal industry.

The main role of our company is to help Halal related authorities and industries as well as consumers to perform Halal scientific analysis, verification of the food ingredient whether it contain critical ingredients such as pork, alcohol or dangerous source that might be harmful to our health. Halvec has been accredited with ISO 17025 from Standards Malaysia. Therefore, our results are trusted and reliable,” said CEO of Halvec.


Watch the video of this interview session to learn more about Halvec now!