7FoodPillars Sdn Bhd

7FoodPillars is the leading supplier of food testing solutions and we offer the extensive range of products to cater the needs of the different industry players such as certifying agencies, contract laboratories and food manufacturers in accessing the safety and integrity of food.

We understand that your food safety and quality testing facility require technology you can trust. 7Food Pillars prepare your labs with accurate, sensitive and easy-to-use molecular food testing and lateral ow food testing tools.

Introducing PorcineTrace Detection Kits

7FoodPillars has been developing extensive range of testing solution ranging from lateral ow screening tools up to molecular testing kits to access Halal food integrity for different matrices including raw meat, processed meat, gelatin, oil and fat and etc.

PorcineTrace Detection Kit product line comprises full-edged products covering rapid test kits, PCR kits and real-time PCR kits with different specication of detection limits and assay time to meet different requirement of end-users.

Rapid Test Kit


PorcineTrace PCR Kit

Real-time PCR Kit

PorcineTrace PCR Real-time PCR Kit