Halvec Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. (Halvec) operates as an ISO17025 accredited service laboratory in Malaysia. Our laboratory offers testing and verification services covering the scope of Halal Testing, Toyyiban Testing and Ethical Testing.

Our team is at the forefront of Halalan Toyyiban testing technology. The protocol of analyses that we deploy is accredited under ISO 17025 which ensure accuracy, integrity and reliability of the results.

We constantly advocate the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and competency by participating regularly in official proficiency testing programs.

Trust but Verify is our core value.


To be the world’s leading centre in halal testing and verification to validate and assure end-to-end halal integrity is maintained throughout the entire supply chain.


  • To develop and establish international and industry standard methods and reference materials for Halalan Toyyiban testing.
  • To collaborate with private and government agencies to drive Halal industry through development, implementation and enforcement of policies, guidelines, accreditation and compliance relating to Halalan Toyyiban testing and verification.
  • To facilitate Halalan Toyyiban testing and verification know-how through providing consultation service and training.
  • To become key driver in realization of Halal Science Super Corridor through establishment of Halal Science Park, Syariah court and infrastructure that cluster Halal players into a single hub to facilitate Halal Economy and Standard of Malaysia.

Objective statement of Halvec

  • To verify Halal integrity of consumer products through validated Halal analyses and methods that comply with ISO17025.
  • To verify intergrity of Halal lab testing service provider through ISO17043 Laboratory Competency Program.
  • To verify integrity of QC results through Halal Certified Reference Material (CRM).
  • To verify Halal related issues through Halal Contamination Science Investigation (CSI).