Halvec Verified Sticker (HVS) is a hologram sticker being issued after undergone lab verification process on its critical content (chemicals and animal-based ingredients) to ensure the contents are fully verified and meet the KKM requirement/ Food Regulation 1985/ NPRA Requirement for its safety of use. HVS is an added value to any product to ensure its content, safety & quality, and indirectly guiding consumer making a wise decision in choosing the right product with confidence.


a) To provide products with assurance for safety and reliability for marketing and quality monitoring purposes.
b) To demonstrate product compliance with KKM requirement/ Food Regulation 1985/ NPRA Requirement
c) To ensure food manufacturers adhere to food safety at all times
d) To instill awareness and responsibility among food manufacturers and consumers
e) To add value on products and build trust among consumers
Owing to its versatility, these seals come with a unique feature. The design of the seal contains the company logo on the top which portray the ownership of Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd. Every seal has its own Serial and unique random number with hologram feature for authenthication and monitoring purpose. The word ‘VERIFIED’ is to show that particular product has been tested for its critical ingredient(s) and safety measures according to national standard. Halvec’s seal design is systematic, secure, and traceable and in controlled by Halvec management team.
a) Useful for safety analysis verification, security and quality monitoring of products
b) Acts as a technical support for product’s safety integrity status
c) Help in gaining and restoring trust from consumer
d) Adds an eye-catching feature
e) Improves economy and international trade activity
Application shall be made by filled up Halvec HVS Application Form Supporting documents to be submitted: a) Halvec HVS Application Form (HV/REC/WI-QPPR1-3/001) b) Company registration documents (SSM/Form 9) c) Product Picture d) Product Ingredient e) Test report (Date of application not exceed 1 month from date of test report) f) Declaration by Applicant g) Payment receipt Application process flow chart (Refer Figure 1) FEES
Type RM Term and condition
Registration 150 1. Client must send sample for testing to Halvec annually 2. Must perform all compulsory tests 3. Must pass all the tests prior issuance of HVS 3. Minimum purchase is 1000pcs and shall be purchased in multiples of 1000 pcs. 4. Sticker validity- 1 year upon renewal (from date of registration) *Testing fee: to be quoted case by case basis
Renewal 100
Sticker RM 0.15/pc
The validity of the HVS is subjected to yearly renewal from date of registration. Reminder and notification will be sent out 3 months earlier and all renewal application must be submitted 2 months before expiry.
For any queries and further information, the applicant may contact:

(subsidiary Global Haltech Sdn Bhd)
G-E-4, Level G, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia,
Lebuhraya Puchong-Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: +6012-6689251
Whatsapp: +6013-2310631
Email: info@halvec.com