JAKIM’s Halal Panel Lab

The Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) is a central agency responsible in various Islamic matters, including the halal certification in Malaysia. JAKIM plays an important role in preserving the interest of Muslim consumers in Malaysia as well as ensuring all halal products in the market adheres to the Shariah law.
For halal certification purposes, JAKIM needs to ensure every ingredient and raw materials used are halal. Therefore, there is a need for laboratory analysis to support and further validate to technically verify a products’ halal status.

Following the rise in demand within the halal industry, JAKIM has taken the initiative to create the HALAL PANEL LAB (HPL) to speed up the halal certification process. The industry has the choice to engage with either the Department of Chemistry Malaysia (JKM) or any of the HPLs. However, the result found by JKM is considered final in case of any dispute between the labs.

Services provided by the HPL only involves Malaysian Halal Certification applications, while monitoring and enforcement samples will utilise the services of the JKM lab
Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd has been appointed as one of HPL since 2016. Over the period we have tested varieties of sample ranges from food, skin care, cosmetic, supplement and house hold items both local and overseas. We have assisted numbers of companies to get their product technically verified prior to halal certified. TRUST BUT VERIFY!

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