Paint Brush from Pig Bristle?

In February 2017, Selangor office of the Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry seized paint brushes of various types that were believed to be made from pig bristles from three hardware stores in Shah Alam. This issue became viral and sparked concern especially among Muslim consumer1.

The lab tests have been proven significant in verification of the hair origin as some of the brushes had been tested made from pig bristles and not correctly coded or did not bear the origins mark; i.e the A913 and A680 codes (pork bristle code)1.

Halvec Laboratories is an ISO1725 accredited laboratory which offers reliable and accurate Halal testing service to detect pork contamination via DNA Analysis. The testing covers verified DNA extraction procedure, screening of the extracted DNA and sequence-specific detection through real-time PCR. The COA obtained from lab tests shall be used as supporting document to assure Halal integrity of the product/sample tested.

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