Halal Science Awareness Program 3.0, 28 February 2017

Join collaboration with RQuest Convergent (RQC), the third Halal Science Awareness Program was held by Halvec Laboratories (Halvec) at RQC laboratory training room on 28 February 2017.

The objective of this program is to educate and instill awareness to participants on the fundamental principle of science and Halal. This session covers the general overview of Halal testing through various methods (rapid screening tests, ELISA test as well as DNA analysis (PCR/qPCR) and how it supports the integrity of Halal supply chain.

Presentation session by Ms Ruzanna Zainal from Halvec Laboratories about PCR/qPCR and DNA extraction techniques

One of the participants was trying to load sample in gel for electrophoresis

Demo on pork detection via surface swab technology using PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kit by Technical Manager from Halvec Laboratories

Well done to all participants, Halvec and RQC team!