Halvec has recently established global sample collection centers based in United Kingdom, Netherland, California, USA and Jakarta, Indoneisa. Now you can have more options to send us samples to the collection center nearest to you.

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Country Sample Collection Center
1. United Kingdom Pop-Bio Ltd
St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
Cambridge, UK
Attn: Paul Ellwood
Email: euro@pop-bio.com
2. Netherland EDEB
Peellandstraat 8, 5283 CM,
BOXTEL, Netherlands
Phone : +31645432650
Attn: Ihsan de Jong
Email: edeb.info@gmail.com
3. California, US BioLife Valley Inc.
520 Second Avenue Suite D
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-510-277-2478
Attn: Song Yu
Email: blvalley2013@gmail.com
4. Jakarta, Indonesia JL.Melati No.21, Komplek Bermis Gading,
Kelapa Gading Timur,
North Jakarta 14240
Tel: (+62)-081281681197 (WA)
Phone : +62 21 75876094
Attn: Dr Muhammad Yanis Musdja
Email : myanis@gmail.com