As part of Dubai Government Vision 2021 to enhance government services towards more efficient, faster, paperless services with using recent technologies Dubai Municipality Product Conformity Assessment department is planning to integrate PCA Product Conformity Assessment and Conformity services with a global network of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). For this purpose, government is working with QS Monitor that specializes in Food Safety Traceability systems, to develop and operate the recognized CABs worldwide.

The system is established to ensure any goods prior to shipment to Dubai would be able to receive Conformity Certification from Dubai Municipality for compliance and quality purposes. Once any trader/supplier/manufacturer request Conformity Certification, it will require Inspection and Testing report for that batch of product from its related CAB in that country/region. Based on the inspection and testing report uploaded to the system by the CABs, Dubai Municipality will issue Fit or Not Fit certificate to the requesting trade/supplier/manufacturer for the batch. With the application of this system, users or companies are also able to benefit on faster turnaround testing time, reduced product rejection or recalls, less quality control cost, faster trade, preventive measures for fraud and ensuring compliance with global system.

With good news, Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the Reference Lab of QS Monitor for Malaysia and recognized by Dubai Municipality for Dubai Fast Track Certification System. Halvec Laboratories also has been recognized and accredited under ISO 17025 by Standard Malaysia with ILAC since 2015 with wide range of scope of testing covering Halal and Safety analysis. With this recognition, Halvec has committed to be part of QS Monitor and Dubai Municipality recognized laboratory network to achieve the vision, InshaAllah.

Please click for Authorized Conformity Assessment Body (Ref #MLY-2019-01-00743).