Halal Science Awareness Program 3.0, 28 February 2017

Join collaboration with RQuest Convergent (RQC), the third Halal Science Awareness Program was held by Halvec Laboratories (Halvec) at RQC laboratory training room on 28 February 2017.

The objective of this program is to educate and instill awareness to participants on the fundamental principle of science and Halal. This session covers the general overview of Halal testing through various methods (rapid screening tests, ELISA test as well as DNA analysis (PCR/qPCR) and how it supports the integrity of Halal supply chain.

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Visit by Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh

In this promising New Year of 2017, officials from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock of Bangladesh visited Revongen Corporation in conjunction with the study tour on animal quarantine station activities on 5 January 2017.

As part of the program itinerary, Halvec’s ISO17025 accredited laboratory was graced by the visit of the officials. Mr. Amin, the CEO of Halvec introduced Halal verification and analyses facilities and services offered by the company to the officials.

Our team of experienced Halal specialists, researchers and quality managers strive to provide the best and highest integrity of services with ISO17025 quality management system, “said Mr. Amin, CEO of Halvec during the lab tour.

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Halal Scientific Awareness Program 3.0

Halvec Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. (Halvec) and Rquest Convergent Sdn. Bhd. (RQC) had successfully organized Halal Scientific Awareness Program 3.0 (HSAP) at RQC’s training room, Revongen Corporation Center on 17th November 2016.

HSAP is a program aimed to educate and instill awareness to participant on the fundamental principle of science and halal. Participants from various industries who participated in this training program included tertiary level students from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), managers and executives from Pharmaniaga Manufacturing Berhad and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Participation in Selangor International Expo 2016, MECC, 21-22 October 2016

Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd (Halvec) and its affiliate RQuest Convergent Sdn Bhd (RQC) successfully exhibited in Selangor International Expo 2016 (Booth no. M07)  held at MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC), Seri Kembangan from 20 to 22 October 2016.

Selangor International Expo 2016 is one of the Malaysia’s biggest trade expo which hosted 565 booths from around the world, creating a platform for both domestic and foreign multinational companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services.  This year, three industrial sectors were selected to be the focus of this expo, which are Halal, Life Sciences and E-Commerce.Read More

Halal Science Awareness Programme 2.0

Malaysia was recognized as the world’s leading Halal Hub. Consuming Halal food is an essential part of the Islamic faith and is an order of Allah. Halal in Arabic means ‘permissible’ and adheres to Islamic law1. The permission of the lord of all existence, Allah (S.W.T) command Muslims and all people to consume Halal products in the Quran. The examples of such verses are: “O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth (that is) lawful and pure” (Holy Quran 2:168), “So eat of that (meat) upon which Allah’s name has been mentioned, if you are believers in His verses” (Holy Quran 6:118). Halal Food will be the biggest step to ensure the heart (spirit) and body to live healthy and prosperity to emerge. The opposite for Halal is Haram. Haram which Allah and the Prophet have completely and specifically forbidden1. Engaging in an act that is Haram (i.e. eating food like pork, drinking alcohol) would lead to punishment in the Akhirat.

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